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Uncovering Your Bias (UYB)

To see the world as it could be, you must see it as it truly is.


  • Feeling stuck and need new ideas or approaches
  • Making progress slowly or incrementally and want to accelerate the work
  • Grappling with several options and need to align on a clear direction


Cognitive bias can limit our thinking. It is innate to all of us—hard-wired shortcuts our brains make unconsciously—and therein lies the potential problem. When we become aware of these shortcuts and assumptions, we can question them. Unpack them. Find what’s hidden. Uncover ideas that were overlooked. See new paths to innovation.


First, the team establishes a safe environment for exploring feelings—both individually and as a team. Participants then learn about the different ways cognitive bias can influence their work.

Once they are aware of cognitive bias, participants examine past and current work situations to identify how bias shows up. This leads to a set of actions that will help them achieve their innovation goals.


  • Recognizing cognitive bias
  • Modulating response
  • Honing observational skills


  • Tools and methods for recognizing cognitive bias
  • Understanding the types of bias that most impact ones ability to innovate
  • A list of commitments to help combat bias

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