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Modular experiential tools for building your team’s creative capability

The world is changing.
We need new ways to work, to collaborate, to innovate.

Our twelve modules meet the critical creative moments that organizations tend to face. Teams learn world-class methods to catalyze innovation, while building their ability to work and create—together.

What makes BentoBox unique

Most innovation methodologies are designed as a series of sequential steps. But innovation doesn't really work that way.

BentoBox sessions are designed to adjust to the issues, challenges, and relationships specific to the participating team to generate insights.

A BentoBox requires 4-8 people and takes 3-8 hours, depending on the module and the team.

The BentoBox is designed to be self-led. Trained guides will help introduce sessions and help teams if they get stuck.

The workshop style undertaken by the BentoBox incorporates methodologies used by the most innovative companies in the Silicon Valley.

Based on SYPartners' 25 years of experience in helping some of the world's most successful companies innovate, the BentoBox approach helps teams work through moments on their innovation path.

Three ways to use BentoBox

BentoBox IBNF

In person, on site

BentoBox modules can be delivered to your office or home, allowing teams to experience sessions in-person.

These sessions can be fully self-facilitated, or lightly guided, and can be run whenever teams need a spark of creativity or help getting unstuck.

BentoBox offsite

In person, off site

New environments can provide the novel context we need to be truly innovative.

Experience BentoBox sessions with a trained guide in a space free of distractions—to powerfully unlock your team's creativity.

BentoBox Virtual


The future of work is hybrid.

BentoBox sessions can be experienced fully virtual through a collaborative digital platform. Provide your team on-going access to these modules—the next big idea is only a click away.


I have taken several training programs and workshops in the past, but they were more like an extension of my work. The BentoBox workshop was a process of genuinely identifying everyone’s way of thinking and values, which leads to innovation. It was a very refreshing process.

Food products company
Senior manager

I think it's good that without a facilitator it's easy to show our true feelings and true selves. When people from outside the company are present, we tend to become reserved.

Consulting company
Project manager

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