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Seeing in New Ways (SINW)

What you see depends on how you see.


  • Searching for unexpected approaches to existing challenges
  • Wanting to enhance creative problem-solving
  • Looking to push beyond familiar patterns of thinking


Opening the aperture of your perspective—what you see when faced with any challenge or situation—can be game-changing for innovation teams, and life-changing for individuals. Trying on new perspectives is a way to accomplish this.


To shift perspectives, participants must first learn to be highly present. By doing so, they can become aware that their current perspective is just one of many possible perspectives. This awareness is aided by exercises where they examine their assumptions and re-frame their current challenge as an opportunity.

Once they are present and open, they practice using different perspectives to expand their view. They take the business opportunity they chose and run through four different lenses specifically designed to help them make new connections, experiment with different approaches, and generate new possibilities.


  • Re-framing problems
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Shifting perspectives


  • A set of possible approaches to an existing challenge, and new ideas to pursue
  • Next steps to push their new thinking forward
  • Four useful perspectives to apply to their ongoing innovation work and a method for applying them

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