Mandala position - RAGA

Resetting and Going Again (RAGA)

The worst mistake you can make is to be afraid to make any.


  • Needing new sources of energy or creativity
  • Lacking clarity on next steps after a moment of failure, transition, or low morale
  • Hoping to expand a team’s sense of what is possible


Overcoming difficult moments starts with embracing a learning mindset. You can begin by expressing thoughts and feelings in an environment that is free of judgment and blame—a space where everyone has the chance to be heard and respected. In this space, you can establish a new set of commitments to propel you forward.


Participants begin by facing their difficult moment so they can transform it into new motivation and energy. They personally reflect on what is making the moment difficult and forgive those who may have contributed to the situation.

From this moment of resetting, participants focus on what’s in their control and draw out learnings from what they’ve experienced. Finally, they commit to a set of actions that will get them moving forward again—even stronger than before.


  • Emotional reflection
  • Analogous learning
  • Team commitments


  • An understanding of the factors that led to the current moment
  • Key learnings addressing these factors
  • Five commitments for the immediate future

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