Mandala position - RCL

Rapidly Capitalizing on Learning (RCL)

True learning doesn’t satisfy our curiosity. It ignites it.


  • Exploring the many forms an idea could take
  • Understanding how an hypothesis might work in reality
  • Helping others understand and believe in an idea or effort


Learning is often seen as something someone gives you. However, many important learnings are already within you—you simply need to give them the space and credence they deserve. Once you tap into all of your instincts and knowledge, you can identify key learnings without having to always seek external information or perspectives.


The innovation process is based on a cycle of hypothesis, testing, learning, and improvement. Participants formulate a hypothesis for how they will achieve a key business goal. They then reflect on everything they know and feel in order to validate this hypothesis.

These reflections are then shared to identify patterns and extract key learnings. Finally, participants align on actions they will take to make their vision a reality.


  • Cycle of learning
  • Prioritizing insights
  • Listening to intuition


  • A set of applicable learnings to improve the idea or effort
  • A team plan for incorporating learnings
  • A process that can be applied to any experience, test, or prototype

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