Mandala position - PROTO

Prototyping (PROTO)

Sometimes you have to make something before you can truly imagine it.


  • Continually discussing ideas and need to be jump started
  • Exploring the different forms an idea could take
  • Testing the viability or feasibility of an idea or concept


In innovation, it’s crucial to take what’s in your mind and put it out into the world in some form so that others can react and build on it. How you do this—in other words, how you prototype—depends on what you are trying to test or communicate. Landing on the right kind of prototype for your idea helps you learn in a way that accelerates your progress.


It is important to start making as soon as possible. After aligning on objectives, participants experiment with different ways of prototyping their idea.

Participants share these prototypes for feedback so they can iterate and make improvements. As they repeat this process, they gather key insights to include in the next version of their prototype. Once they have completed several cycles, they create a final prototype to share with others outside the team.


  • Prototyping cycle
  • Rapid iteration
  • Idea dissection


  • A prototype that represents the contributions of the entire team
  • An action plan for sharing the prototype with others and moving forward with your idea

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