Mandala position - MAD

Making a Decision (MAD)

Your present was created by choices you made in the past.
The same will be true of your future.


  • Feeling stuck with no clear path forward
  • Trying to find alignment and common ground among conflicting opinions or stakeholders
  • Choosing a direction among many possible options


In innovation work, there are many choices to be made. These choices require more than just individual or logical decision making. They require all of a team’s perspectives. As a professional. A parent. A student. When you tap into these perspectives, you expand  our options. You discover the best path you could take.


It is crucial to break down the decision-making process in a way that leads to the best result. This begins with participants zooming out and clarifying what they want to achieve as a team. They use this clarity to agree on the decision most crucial to achieving this ambition.

With their decision statement articulated, participants tap into all their perspectives to generate all possible options. As a team, they evaluate and test these  options to select one that they can all support.


  • Aligning on shared vision
  • Generating options
  • Prioritizing for impact


  • Clear statement of a decision made and ready to be communicated to others
  • Next steps for putting a decision into action
  • A method for making important decisions

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