Mandala position - IWBS

Integrating within a Bigger System (IWBS)

When you understand how everything’s connected, you understand how to make an impact.


  • Seeking ways to improve an idea to ensure it scales to the greatest number of people
  • Looking for ways to help others understand and believe in an idea or effort
  • Hoping to refine an idea or effort in order to increase its likelihood of success


We exist within many different systems. These systems are composed of individuals and relationships that meet certain needs. The more an idea helps someone meet these needs, the more it strengthens its system. The more value it delivers. The more successful it becomes.


To map any system, one must think about all the interconnected things and people that are impacted by a potential idea. Participants choose an idea to focus on, and explore the system of interconnections that relate to it.

With the system identified, participants map all the individuals within it and pick the three most influential. They then identify the needs of these individuals and generate ideas for addressing those needs to make their idea stronger.


  • Mapping systems
  • Identifying needs
  • Creating value


  • Bold actions to take in order to improve and scale an idea
  • Plan for moving forward with the bold actions
  • A method for identifying a system and the  individuals within needed to drive adoption

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