Imagining Bold New Futures (IBNF)

It’s often said that the best way to predict the future
is to create it. But first, you have to imagine it.


  • Needing to understand emerging trends and explore new opportunities in the market
  • Looking for new and exciting opportunities to grow the existing business
  • Thinking of changing direction or strategy to open up new lines of business


While the future is talked about constantly, rarely does one take the time to thoughtfully and purposefully imagine what it could be. So it is helpful to expand one's thinking and explore new possibilities by looking at emerging opportunities and capabilities. When these elements come together, we can discover new possible futures.


Participants begin by looking internally at their current organizational capabilities and the values they hold dear as individuals. Then, they turn their gaze externally to explore the market forces and needs that will shape the future landscape.

Finally, participants look at the intersection of the internal and external to identify where their capabilities and values match with what the world will need in the not-so-distant future.


  • Identifying trends
  • Generating opportunities
  • Futurecasting


  • Clear, bold statement of the future that the team wants
    to create
  • An artifact from the future that captures the team’s
    vision in a tangible way
  • A powerful framework for generating further futures

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