Mandala position - GPI

Generating Powerful Ideas (GPI)

Ideas don’t come from the outside. Great ideas are in you, waiting for inspiration to reveal them.


  • Seeking new creative connections in order to unlock new ideas to pursue
  • Looking for ideas that could lead to new opportunities
  • Needing new ideas to solve an existing challenge


Every innovation starts as an idea. To accelerate idea generation, you can tap into different sources of inspiration. More inspiration leads to more  connections. These connections reveal new patterns. These patterns can lead to truly powerful ideas.


Truly powerful ideas don’t necessarily reveal themselves immediately—they begin as small sparks of thought. So participants spend the first part of the session generating these sparks through sharing inspiration.

They then open their mind to surprising and unexpected directions. Finally, participants spend the last part of the session arranging the sparks in different combinations and patterns to form powerful ideas.


  • Thinking laterally
  • Rapidly generating ideas
  • Synthesizing as a group
  • Collecting inspiration


  • Three new powerful ideas that have the potential for major impact
  • An action plan for testing ideas and setting them in motion
  • New methods for further generating and evaluating ideas

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