Mandala position - FARA

Finding a Rare A-ha (FARA)

Insight comes not from looking at facts, but knowing how to look behind them.


  • Searching for a new idea to get excited about
  • Wanting to expand thinking and explore new areas of possibility
  • Looking for new sources of energy or creativity


Instead of looking for insights through external research and observation, the most powerful a-has can be found in the knowledge, experience, and stories already within you and your team. By listening to and sharing this collective knowledge, bursts of clarity emerge, shedding light on new, powerful possibilities.


Participants use provocative questions and storytelling to draw out latent knowledge and perspectives that can shed new light existing problems. Through sharing, participants create a collective pool of knowledge they can use to craft insights by challenging norms, embracing tensions, and making new connections.

Finally, participants select insights they are most excited to pursue. They then further hone these insights so they are memorable and inspire further action.


  • Framing questions
  • Combining ideas
  • Crafting insights


  • Breakthrough insights that will serve as the foundation for future ideas
  • Defined challenges and opportunities related to
    those insights
  • A method for combining ideas into impactful insights

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