Mandala position - CANS

Crafting a New Story (CANS)

Tell me a fact and I’ll know. Tell me a story and I’ll care.


  • Needing to build momentum or interest
  • Testing whether an idea resonates with certain audiences or potential users
  • Lacking interest or adoption in an idea


Every idea can benefit from a well-told story. This story helps people connect to the idea in a way that builds belief. It is key to construct this story in a way that captures imagination and takes listeners on a journey. These stories are powerful narratives that can be tailored to any audience or situation.


Participants begin by getting clear on the story they want to tell, why they want to tell it, and who they want to tell it to. With this intention set, participants learn and use the foundational building blocks of a story to create different narratives.

Once they have built at least two narratives, participants choose the most compelling one to take forward. Finally, they bring this story to life by exploring different storytelling mediums, as appropriate for their audience and situation.


  • Building narrative arcs
  • Constructing stories
  • User-centric communication


  • A final narrative structured in a way that captures
    imagination and builds belief
  • The expression of the story in three distinct ways to connect with different audiences
  • A set of building blocks that can be used to construct any future story

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